Springtime - $95 AUD

This is SPRINGTIME and I designed this cover for ladies. It is made of cotton for easy laundering, featuring a soft wool tassel made from pure Australian Merino wool, zippers, belt and buckle and the main feature is the pockets. I supply gloves for the pockets and I think there is something very comforting about pulling on a glove, maybe it is the same feeling of comfort one feels when someone holds our hand.

You can also add little gifts you think your loved one would like to the pockets such as photographs, lace handkerchief, pretty cards, little notes with short messages such as "I love you Mum" some sweets, lavender, A soft brush for brushing the wool plait, some extra ribbons or pretty hair clips. Its amazing how many ideas spring to mind.

Of course all the suggestions depend on the patient and should be used under supervision.

Springtime - $95 AUD

This Activity Companion comes in an attractive screen printed carry bag

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