Highlander - $95 AUD

HIGHLANDER was originally designed for Rae because of his families Scottish background and he loved it, especially the metal rings, maybe the sound of the metal reminded him of his workshop in which he spent many hours before his illness, restoring an old Vulcan Truck. Once again the pockets are the important feature and Gardening gloves are included.

Consider adding packets of well known Garden Seeds such as Pumpkin, Beans, Sweet Peas, Snapdragon & Pansies. You will know the most appropriate seeds for your district and they can then be planted in either the garden or a planter box. A small bunch of keys can be obtained from your locksmith if you do not have some available and they can be either in the pocket or the patient can carry them in his pocket. A piece of soft Balsa wood and a small piece of fine sandpaper will also give the patient something to do with his hands.

Of course all the suggestions depend on the patient and should be used under supervision.

Highlander - $95 AUD

This Activity Companion comes in an attractive screen printed carry bag

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