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Here are some of the comments that nursing homes and individuals have said about The Activity Companion™

What we like about these products.......
It is most often very hard to find products that offer so much value to those in middle and late stage Alzheimer's. But here is one product especially designed with a proven history of success. Useful for the person in middle and late stages of AD. Useful for the Caregiver caring for a person in the middle and late stages of AD.

The Alzheimers Store, Ageless Design Inc. Florida USA

The Activity Table Covers have been enthusiastically accepted by the residents and are providing them with much enjoyment. They are well made and the colours and texture of the materials are bright and eye catching which grabs their attention immediately. Then they are eager to touch the covers, do up the zips, undo the pockets and look inside. All these activities are things we take for granted but can be a whole world of reminiscing for residents with dementia who may not have thought or have done these actions for a long time.

Major Robert Lucas
Moyne Salvation Army Nursing Home, 
Canowindra NSW

I was so excited to receive the Activity Companions this morning. I rushed to the Dining room and set up the Springtime activity mat for a lady with poor sight, but who responds well to touch. She was very surprised to find gloves in the pockets. The Activity mats will be enjoyed by lots of people within the facility.

Krysia Taggart 
Recreational Activity Officer
McQuoin Park Catholic Healthcare
Waitara, NSW

You cannot believe the wonderful surprise I received with the arrival of the Activity Companions. They have put a smile on many faces here at St Anne's Nursing Home, Hunters Hill. I felt I needed to share the joy so I gave half to our other nursing home also run by the Sister of St. Josephs in Darlinghurst. The Diversional Therapist was moved to tears.

Susan Buchanan
Recreational Officer

Thank you for the Activity Companions. We have found them to be a wonderful contribution to our facility as they provide hours of entertainment, relaxation and amusement for our residents that suffer Alzheimer's and Dementia. The colours and designs are bright and interesting and ensure that our residents are much less likely to become frustrated or angry with their condition or just simply bored through inactivity.
Now they have a fantastic way to entertain themselves when there is no one available for them to interact with. I'm sure you are aware that people suffering from these conditions often require large amounts of one on one time from staff and relatives and this is not always possible. 

I have already received several compliments and Thank You's from resident's family and friends who have seen how much their loved ones are enjoying themselves. It gives them great pleasure to see their elderly father or mother etc either gradually remembering things from their past or maybe by seeing bits and pieces of the "old them" shining through once more through the Activity Companions.

Siobhan Hare-Scott
Recreational Activities Officer
Wesley Heights Nursing Home

"Restless and/or agitated behaviour in a resident with a dementing illness is a difficult problem for healthcare workers of residential aged care facilities to address.
A tactile diversion to alternative activities destimulates this behaviour by replacing it with a calmer activity. The Activity Companion has proved successful in achieving this outcome, with residents of this facility by reducing boredom and agitation."
Jakki Cartwright,
Deputy of Nursing,
The Buckland Convalescent Hospital, Springwood. NSW

"We have conducted a trial of the Activity Companion and found it to have a calming effect on residents of our nursing home who are suffering from dementing illnesses.
Michael Heckenberg,
Director of Nursing,
The Ritz Nursing Home, Leura. NSW

"Thank you for giving Otway Pioneers House the opportunity of trialling the Activity Companion sets. During the trial period we have observed that for immobile Residents suffering from Dementia this resource has offered alternative therapy in the form of tactile stimulation, and can be a source of comfort. None of the Residents trialled have expressed any form of negativity towards this activity, which has kept them occupied in an appropriate manner for lengthy periods, in comparison to their normal occupation. Having our own Activity sets enable us to assess Residents as to appropriateness and relevance with a view to the Nurse Manager approaching families to purchase the package for their Resident, whilst having them available if the families are unable to do so."
Pam Clark Otway Pioneers House, Colac Victoria.

The Activity Companion is beautiful. Mum is so happy fiddling with the rings at the moment. ....
Lynne Sydney

Thank you for the Springtime Activity Companion which looks so beautiful and so well presented and thank you for the beautiful little gloves in the pockets. I am embroidering a hanky with "I love you etc" and shall get some hair clips and a brush as you suggested. I am so grateful to you! keep up the good work and blessings, Rosemary....Vaucluse Sydney.

I have left the Highlander Activity Companion with the Diversional Therapist with instructions if my husband, who is very ill, is not able to respond it is to be given to someone who may benefit. You are to be congratulated for your creativity in developing such an unique product to assist people in need.......... Elsie,........Chullora NSW

Firstly let me say congratulations and thanks for the inspiration and for doing something to help Alzheimers sufferers. My mother is 90 and I care for her at home on our cattle property in Central Queensland and thus find little help and activity out here. The Activity Companion looks like being the answer......Cecilia....Queensland.

Thank you for your prompt service, The Springtime looks lovely, I will take it to my Mum in the Nursing Home to-morrow morning. I'm sure she will be thrilled with it as she used to do a lot of sewing for charities, has always been interested in materials and how things are made and am sure will provide her with many hours of satisfaction and pleasure....
Helen ... Dee Why.. Sydney

Thank you for Springtime Activity Companion. It 's really beautiful the way it is made up. My Mother in Law will love it, it has a Lady's touch to it. I know you will do well with this project. Regards....Paula...Sydney.

Thank you so much for the Highlander Activity Companion, it is already proving a success with my Father. ..Nevoli...Turramurra Sydney.

Thank you for the Springtime Activity Companion, my Mother is enjoying it, it is so beautiful. Heather....Bexley..NSW

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