The Jaemond Story


I would like to introduce you to The Activity Companion a sensory table cover designed to help patients with Alzheimers', Stroke, Dementia, Parkinsons, or in fact any related illness either physical or mental that restricts patients by confining them to bed or a chair.

The Activity Companion came about from my first hand experience when my husband Raemond developed Alzheimers disease and I cared for him for 10 years before he was admitted to a Nursing Home in 1997.

I understand the sadness, loneliness and feeling of helplessness that Carers, Relatives and Friends endure when caring for a loved one with the above illnesses. When my husband was in the Nursing Home he spent many hours in a restraining chair and I witnessed the frustration and restlessness shown by him and his fellow patients, especially during the afternoon.

I wanted to do something about it but had no idea where to start. It was on my mind constantly and in 1998 while watching the ANZAC Day March (returned soldiers) in Sydney I began to think of Rae who served with 451 Squadron in the Middle East and his room mate Jack who flew Sunderland Flying Boats in the Pacific during WWII and felt extremely proud of them. They were my inspiration to do something positive.

If I was going to pursue this project I wanted to do it well and it must never take the patients dignity from them. Please visit the product page to see the end result, I hope you like it. My warmest best wishes to you all and to your patients.

June Neil

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** The Anzac Day March is an annual event celebrating returned soldiers from Australia and New Zealand

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